Care and Maintenance

Carpet & Area Rugs

  • Wear slippers to prevent body oils from promoting soiling.
  • Most manufacturers will recommend professional steam cleaning at least every eighteen months. Depending on lifestyle, some homes may require more.
  • Frequent professional cleaning, especially traffic lanes and stairs helps to reduce the appearance of packing and matting.
  • Professional cleaning companies that utilize hot water extraction will provide you with the most satisfying results.
  • We DO NOT recommend home or rental carpet steamers or cleaners. Most problems in do-it-yourself cleaning are due to over wetting and use of excessive detergent.
  • No carpet is stain proof. All stains are less difficult to remove if attended to immediately. Refer to the manufacturers warranty for approved stain removal methods.
  • Area rugs should be rotated periodically to prevent traffic patterns.
  • Using underlay will prevent area rugs from slipping.


Ceramic and Natural Stone

Ceramic and porcelain tile are truly a low maintenance material. A few simple steps are all that is required to keep your tile looking great for years to come.

  • Sweep or vacuum to remove fine particles.
  • Mop with water and recommended cleaner.
  • Sealer can be applied to grout joints to help lessen discolouration.
  • Refer to manufacturers warranty for approved maintenance products.

Natural stone products are porous in nature and therefore require an additional step in maintenance. For slate and tumbled stone an application of an enhancing sealer is recommended to bring out the colour and help prevent staining. Polished stone requires a penetrating sealer that will not change the surface look, but will add stain protection. The stone should be sealed after installation and depending on where it is installed, will dictate how often it will need to be resealed.



Basic care and maintenance requires little more than sweeping and vacuuming the floor. You can also use an anti-static cloth which will clean the dust and prevent it from settling on the floor. A slightly damp mop can be used for cleaning but do not pour water directly onto the floor.  A hardwood floor spray cleaner, such as Bona, can also be used.

Preventative Care:

  • Ideal and healthy room conditions are 35-65% R.H. at 20° C (68º F).
  • When using intensive heating, the indoor air humidity may drop so low that the floor is prone to dry out.
  • As cork is a natural material, intensive heat may cause shrinkage of the tiles that will result in minor gaps in the flooring joints — use a room humidifier to prevent this.
  • Cork will tend to fade when exposed to sunlight — use blinds, curtains, or other sun-screening systems to minimize the effect. This is no different than other hard surface flooring. It is the cork itself that tends to fade and not the surface finish.
  • Use felt pads on chairs and furniture legs.
  • Avoid moisture on the floor. Do not pour water directly onto the surface.
  • Regularly vacuum, sweep, or mop the floor area.
  • Never use wire brushes.
  • Never use cleaning products with abrasive ingredients or that are solvent based.
  • Do not use latex or rubber backed mats, as they can permanently discolor the floor.



Hardwood floor is a lifetime investment, therefore care and attention to maintenance is crucial. Follow these simple steps to retain your floor’s natural beauty:

  • Invest in a flow through type humidifier.
  • Use floor protector felt pads for all furniture.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.
  • Sweep or vacuum frequently to remove dirt and grit.
  • Never use water, vinegar, oil soap, or wet jet type cleaners to clean your hardwood.
  • We recommend the Bona X Hardwood floor cleaning system.



Follow these steps to maintain your laminate flooring.

  • Use floor protector felt pads for all furniture.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.
  • Sweep or vacuum frequently to remove dirt and grit.
  • Never use water, vinegar, soap or household cleaners on laminate. They can leave a film, streaks and footprints.
  • We recommend the Bona X Laminate floor cleaning system.
  • Laminate flooring has a wood core, therefore, a flow through type humidifier is recommended.


Luxury Vinyl

Follow these steps to maintain your vinyl floor’s beauty:

  • Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove loose dirt.
  • Wipe up spills promptly.
  • Damp mop with manufacturer recommended no rinse cleaner.
  • High gloss floors will lose shine over time. To restore, apply the recommended polish.
  • Use felt floor protectors on all furniture.
  • Take care when moving heavy furniture or appliances. Never drag across the floor.


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